Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Bakin' my Bacon

We love bacon!! I don't even care that it isn't healthy for me... I think you can add bacon to almost any dish and make it better! But I'm sure we can all agree the worst thing about bacon is the greasy mess you have all over you kitchen when you fry it. Well, it doesn't have to be that way... Many of you have probably already been doing this, but my new favorite way to cook bacon is in the oven! That's right, just Bake your Bacon!

A 400 degree oven(no preheat necessary), foil lined baking sheet, and 20minutes... makes for a perfect slice of bacon. Without any splattering, grease burns, or standing over the stove... How can you not love it!

Tips: You can overlap the bacon slightly when laying it out. When the edges of bacon are a deep golden brown your bacon is done. Approximately 20min. but as you experiment with it you can adjust the time to your bacon preferences. Before you bake your bacon you can also sprinkle brown sugar over the top for extra yummy sweetness, or dredge in flour or cornmeal for a crispy battered taste.

Happy Bakin' :)


  1. I discovered this method a couple of years ago, it may have been one of my first food posts and I LOVE.

    sprinkling with brown sugar is a major win foodwise!!!!

    If you like a bit of heat ... lay strips of jalapenos over it with the brown sugar. NOM

  2. your blog looks great! just click on the deal on my blog and it should show you how to put it on yours. :)

  3. I love bacon too! I have been baking mine for a few months now. Not only does it not make a huge greasy mess, it also keeps your whole house from smelling like bacon!!

    Cute blog :)

  4. I love doing this too, but I've never tried the brown sugar! Also, I've baked up large quantities and then frozen it cooked. A couple of seconds in the microwave and it's crispy again!