Thursday, August 19, 2010

Happy Birthday B!!

Well as of yesterday my baby is officially 2 years old!!!! I can't even believe it! We had a wonderful day of Honoring our Birthday boy!

Brennan, you bring so much life into our home. There is never a boring moment with you around:) We are so blessed that God chose us to be your parents. Brennan, we love you so much!!! ~Mommy and Daddy

Sweet Brennan and his "Melmo Cake" it's lopsided, the icing is crazy and yes there are areas that have no icing at all... However Brennan was elated !! I love the shear joy of birthdays, washes away all concerns of the appearence of the cake. :) Sweet B with his sweet treat! I know in these pictures that it may appear that Brennan is not as joyful as before, however that assuption would be the wrong. Everytime he sees the "red eye reduction" light come on he gives this cheese look. I guess it his BIGGEST smile. haha... Michael and I were rolling at him yesterday which didn't help... but it was so funny. Below: All my boys! Arent they handsome!!Apparently Cade had been coaching Brennan in his best Picture smile... Brennan and his loot!!! He loved the pots and pans, which is no surprise. He is my biggest helper in the kitchen, and I use the term helper, very loosely, but I love it just the same!! :) But today he has not let the red bear at the bottom of the pic out of his sight. It is called a Sing a ma jig, and if you havn't seen one you must! They are halarious, and Brennan loves his new bear!

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  1. He is so precious!!!! I can't believe how fast he (and his brothers) are growing up!!!!