Friday, August 6, 2010

William's ABC's

One of the most rewarding things for me as a mother is to watch my children learn and see the wonder of their little minds at work. Today, William's camera got new batteries today and he needed a photography assignment so I asked him to take a picture of something in our house for each letter of the alphabet and come up with a sentence using each word. So while the younger two slept he took pictures of ABC's in our house. All ABC pics and sentences are William originals. Enjoy!

A is for "Apples are healthy."

B is for Baby "Babies are so sweet and so silly"
C is for car "Cars are for getting places faster"

D is for duck "Ducks are very noisy animals. Except for these ducks; they are police"

E is for elephant "Elephants are very strong animals. They can hold a tree with their trunk. They are very good animals."
F is for farm "Farms are where farmers work, they make food from animals. They plant corn and all kinds of stuff. They make milk with their cows so you can eat more cereal all the time."

G is for G-man "G-man is a superhero who is learning to fly" H is for Heman "Heman is very strong, but he can't fly. He is a superhero and I took and picture of him. This is my daddy's Heman, but now it is mine, because he is a daddy now. "

I is for Indian "Indians are wild people. They hunt animals. They are very nice people. They live in the forest, very far away from Corpus Christi."

J is for Jumping Jacks "Jumping Jacks can keep you very healthy. They are very fun stuff."

K is for Koala Bear "Brennan painted this Koala Bear. Koala bears live in Australia. They are very good climbers."

L is for leg "Legs are for running, they are very useful."

M if for Mommy "Mommy is very nice. She cleans the floor."
N is for Nap "Naps keep you running faster and faster."

O is for Octopus "Octopuses live in the sea. They are very very dangerous."

P is for popcorn "Popcorn is salty and good."

R is for run "Running is very healthy."

S is for Snake "Snakes are reptiles. God made reptiles."

T is for Top (of our house) "This top is called a roof. Roofs keep you dry when it is raining at your house. It also helps keep your toys not wet. Very helpful, huh?"

U is for Umbrella "Umbrellas keep you dry from the rain."

V is for Verse "Verses are in the Bible. They are very important things. Verses teach us about God."

W is for William "I am a crazy nut about video games."

X is for Xray, but the picture got deleted... oops.

Y is for Yoda "Yoda is from star wars. He is very fast and he can kill droids. He has a light saber and the force."

Z is for zipper "Zippers are on pants and shorts. They help you from other people from seeing your underwear."


  1. Super cute idea!! I'll have to steal that one. :)

  2. Such a precious project!!! Love it!!

  3. This is too funny! I love his explanations! Just precious! You have to make this into a book on shuterfly! Def one for the memory book.

  4. This is too funny! I love his explanations! Just precious! You have to make this into a book on shuterfly! Def one for the memory book.

  5. That is absolutely adorable, and I will totally be stealing this idea if I ever have kids!