Monday, August 9, 2010

Fall is in the air... Wait no it's not!

Recently so many things around me have just not felt quite right... and today it hit me what was wrong... It's still summer, and I'm ready to gear up for fall. I'm ready for big crisp apples, warm pumpkin pie, squash bisque (recipe coming soon), and cooler days(even if it is only like 5 degrees). But most of all.. I'm ready for school supplies, and more fun days with the brothers. Which brings me to the next chapter of our life... William is starting Kindergarten this year!

We have officially decided that we are going to be homeschooling! I am excited to start school, but since we have the luxury of starting when we please, we are going to enjoy the rest of our summer, and start the very end of August. Pictures of our curriculum and school room are coming soon, there are still a few things to finish up. And just so you know... I love school supplies, so you might even get some more pictures of markers, spirals, and freshly sharpened pencils. Simply because I'm a nerd!

Hope you all have a great start of school, I know it's coming up entirely to fast! May God watch after everyone on this upcoming school year and I pray we will all go into the world and be beacons of light for Christ!


  1. i'm with you!!! all things fall make me happy! i even lit a pumpkin spice candle the other night...
    so excited about school. looking forward to seeing your curriculum and school room!!! and i always love pictures of supplies! :)

  2. I'm with you on the candle stacy! My house has been smelling of Autumn spice for about a week!! :) Hoping to finish up the school stuff by the end of next week, pics will come soon. Will you also post some of your school room... I don't think i have seen any since you moved.

  3. Oooo, I didn't even think about lighting a candle to help make it feel fall like in here! I'm going to dig one up right now! And I'm also a huge school supply fan! :)