Monday, March 9, 2009

Showing Our Hearts

This last week and ongoing, Michael and I are facing some very big spiritual decisions. We have been forced to slow down and look for God's purpose with our lives more than ever before. We have been looking to the Word, praying continually, seeking advice from very wise men, and talking each situation up and down and round and round... and in the end we have still come out in the same situation... that no matter how much we try to control, or how many things we try to justify. God is ALWAYS in control.
I know this is so vague for many of you, but I just want to say that, tonight, I am standing in awe of Gods plan, and his ability to, in the midst of turmoil, frustration, and confusion, still shine so brightly that there is no doubt that it is HIS plan.
With the emotion and stress, Michael and I have both let Satan slip in enough to second guess one another...but through all of the bickering, and frustrations; Tonight, God placed our marriage on a new and deeper level. Tonight our spiritual hearts were revealed to one another more raw than ever before.
Through difficult situation we are not only growing in our understanding of the Word, not only in our Faith, but also strengthening a bond as Husband and Wife in Christ Jesus.
I am so thankful that even in the middle of a storm, miracles and blessings are falling all around us. God has truly given me a man after God's own heart. I am so blessed to be Michael's helper.


  1. man thats awesome. Kels and I feel the exact same way. She is my rock and the love that Christ shows me through her i will never understand. Thank you for that. We love you guys.