Friday, March 13, 2009

The Great Playroom SwapOut. (Part 2)

NOTE: Please read previous entry to get the full affect.

Well after breakfast this morning, the brothers and I got right to work, on the playroom. Here they are wiping down the toys. William cleaned all the "Rescue Heros and Super Heros" otherwise known as his favorite toys. While Cade worked on the Leapfrog ABC magnets. We worked for about 3 1/2 hours... well they gave up after about an hour, but still gave me some really good help. And here is the end result!
TA- DA!!

(Michael still has to carry the box to the Garage, but you get the idea)
I know the wall looks a little blank, but next week I have some special projects planned for the boys, and those will go up on our clothes line for display.

And here are the three hard working brothers, hanging out in their playroom together! Poor Brennan, I think he was getting a little squooshed.


  1. Such a great idea!! I wish I had your playroom...that looks like such a wonderful space for them to play!! Cute pictures!

  2. I love the last pic! Poor Brennan - more love than he can handle :o)

    Love ya!