Thursday, March 12, 2009

Mismash pics.

Well I have a ton of random pictures that I wanted to Post, so here it is... One mismash of pictures... good luck. :)

Those of you who are around William much have heard and seen his Sketcher tennis shoes. I bogged about them a while back. Anyways, they are his super hero shoes and possibly the coolest shoes he has ever seen... at least according to him. Anyways, we bought the shoes on a Saturday and this is what we found Sunday morning. We had sent William to his room to get dressed for church and 10 minutes later we find this. One boy with an undershirt, dress socks, underwear, and ..... SUPER HERO SHOES!!! It was so funny.

Brennan is growing so much and learning so much right now. Here is our littlest big boy, sitting up. (Something he has learned this week and is already an expert).

Brennan is also a crawling fool. He really gets going and starts hopping his back legs like a frog. I'll try to put some video up soon. It is hilarious. With all the new found strength and stability also comes new adventures. Here are all three brothers swinging together for the first time. Sweet Brothers. (William really doesn't have to have a baby swing, but they have them all separated at the park, so he gets to hang out in the baby swings)

We went to a H&G show a few weekends ago, and the boys were given the spectacular firemen hats. They were so excited.

William is quite the helper with his little brothers. He came up to me yesterday and asked me to take Brennan to his room so he could babysit for me. A few minutes later here is what I found. William "reading" to Brennan, and Brennan snuggled up next to him playing and happy as could be.
I have been wanting Indian Taco's so bad, so I got online and found a recipe for Indian Fry Bread. William and Cade wanted to help me so I made them up some dough as well. Here they are playing... I have to say flour and water is a pretty cheap toy. But also a little messy. :)

Contrary to the look on their faces, they really were having a lot of fun.

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