Monday, March 23, 2009

Our Spring Break, in review.

I know that my children are not in school, there for Spring Break shouldn't really be applicable to us, but I like to observe it anyways. So for Spring Break this year we had a blast... It started as a normal week, wake up, walking, playing, lunch, nap, playing, dinner, bedtime... Here are the brothers all playing together. This was the first day that I heard, "MOM, please come get Brennan, he is tearing up the track!" I'm sure this will be a phrase heard pretty regular over the next year. Monday night, playing Mario Kart with Daddy. Cade and William are better than me at this... I'm almost a little bit embarrassed to admit that... but I know I stink at Video Games.

Here is a picture of Cade lining up his cars... William used to do this too. I love that Cade has reached this stage, it is so cute.

Brennan is CRAWLING... this day Brennan crawled over the support pieces of the chairs... and was having a blast under the table.
Brennan and his Blue eyes.

Wednesday, The brothers and I loaded up the car and headed to San Antonio... We met Aunt Callie and Taylor and Andrew at the zoo. It was a beautiful day, but the zoo was a little crowded. Brennan was such a trooper... here he is enjoying the fresh air and his toys. I love pacifier holders, even though we don't use a pacifier I still have three that I use regularly.

here are Taylor and William, our great Navigators, with the zoo map. They were studying the map so intently.. I love that the zebra and giraffe are behind them.

Aunt Callie and Andrew(22 months) at McDonalds for lunch on Thursday.

Aunt Callie and Taylor(6 years) at McDonalds.

That afternoon the boys hung out and watched a movie... arn't they cute.

Taylor is a super hero maniac... and William is quickly becoming one... Here his is wearing Taylor's Halloween costume... (wolverine) he loved it.

Friday we left and headed to Crawford to see Granny, Papa, and Aunt Jen.
Saturday we went to the Maybourne Museum (a children's museum in Waco) It was so much fun... I wish we could have stayed longer. Here is Brennan chasing some cars in the engine room.

Here is Cade taking Aunt Jen for a ride in the fire engine. Isn't that the cutest fire fighter you have ever seen?

In the Water/Bubble room, there was a table that had flowing water, you could adjust the flow by placing walls up and they float boats and ducks down your river. Here are the boys working on there river.

They also had a weather room, that showed how Tornadoes worked and you could be a newscaster and meteorologist... Here is William the weather man, he is watching himself in the monitor and doing the weather, He was pretty good too. I would definitely tune in.

Here are the brothers in the sound room walking on a piano. It was fun to try to jump from key to key and play a song.

I highly recommend this to anyone near Waco. It was great for our young kids... and sometimes that is hard to find.

After lunch we headed back to Granny and Papas and played on the swings. Both of the boys favorite thing that they did all week.

William and Papa... Hang on William:)

This was a picture of the Sunset that night. I though it was very beautiful.

Sunday, after church we tired to get some blue bonnet pictures. Here are our sweet boys, in the midst of God's amazing creation.

William, 4 years old

Cade 2 years old

Brennan 7 months old
When we got home this is what we found....



Hope you all had a wonderful Spring Break...


  1. Sounds like you had fun! Do you know who did the forks?

  2. what a fun week! glad ya'll enjoyed it.

  3. great pictures. looks like you had a fun week! i loved the blue bonnet pictures. such beautiful boys! i can't get over how much brennan looks like william!! do y'all think so?

  4. Loved reliving Spring Break - can we do it again??? I can't believe you got forked. Who did it?

  5. o my sweet cousins.... gotta love them sooo much!