Friday, June 13, 2008

The Stories

Well for any of you who have been wondering, we are still alive. I'm so sorry I have been so bad about posting, I'm hoping to do a better job in the weeks and months to come.
So here are the stories to what we have been up too.
1. Stomache Bug.... The boys and I were supposed to spend the week in Houston, however after a 3 hours drive and both of the kids vomiting within the first 10 hours were were there, we loaded up the car and came home. So instead of spending the week at the zoo, movies, and playing with friends; we are at home cleaning doing constant laundry and preparing for a great weekend with dad!
2. Funny story about William. William is going through a stage of pretending to be animals. The animal changes frequently, and everyone in the family is included and expected to play along. Yesterday, we were informed that we would be monkies for the day. In the mean time William came out of the bathroom, underwear in hand and sporting a white and shiney hiney. I let him roam for a while thinking he would put them on himself, but that did not happen so eventually said, "William, put that underwear on and cover that bare bottom". He promptly responded with, "Mommy, it's not a bear bottom it's a monkey bottom." :) I thought it was cute.
3. Funny story about Cade. We have talked about my tummy and the baby inside, but it has turned in to him calling everyones tummy a baby. However we still like to ham it up and get him to kiss my "Baby". Today he was sitting on the couch looking at a pregnancy magazine that he had found on the table. Of course the magazine was filled with bare pregnant bellies, and everytime he saw one he would say, "BABY" and then give the picture a kiss. It was so sweet. Hopefully he will love the baby just as much after it comes out:).

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  1. I hate that ya'll were sick!!! I've been meaning to call you, but we've been super busy. I worked 5 days this week, and VBS starts on Sunday. I love the sweet stories about the boys. It makes me miss them, and you, very much.