Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Mommy there is a Duck in our house... and other dumbfounding stories.

This morning while the boys were eating, I had stepped to the bathroom to finish my makeup. William comes into the bathroom hollering, "Mommy there is a Duck in our house" Thinking he is just playing and pretending, my response was, "Did he say Quack, Quack?" With a silly look on his face he thought for a minute said no and walked off. About 15 minutes later, Aunt Nanny had come to watch the boys for a couple of hours while I went to the Dr. and William comes running back into my bedroom and says, "Mommy there is a Rabbit in our house, Come and see! Come and see!" I decided I better play along or this game may never end, so I followed him to the living room to see Cade standing on the fireplace hearth looking behind out TV cabinet pointing and jabbering about something. I figured Cade had thrown a toy back there. Aunt Nanny, jumped to the rescue and stuck her hand behind the TV to find the "toy" and yanked it back just as fast. Sure enough after some searching and flash-lighting there was a live animal in our house.... A baby pigeon. How it got into our house still has me dumbfounded. Our chimney is grated and there are latched glass doors over the fireplace. All we can decide is that it came in when we had the door open???? William must have decided it doesn't quack so it isn't a duck,but it hops so it must be a rabbit.

I have one more dumbfounding story, but I want all of you to give it a guess first. We made some purchases online and received two packages last Wednesday, today I opened them and this is what I found. You have until Friday to leave a comment and guess what is in this package. I put my hand on top so you could have some idea of the size of around. I promise you will be surprised. Kristi, Mom, and Aunt Nanny you are not allowed to guess. Good Luck everyone:)

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  1. a rolled up mattress...i think that is how they come from ikea.