Monday, June 16, 2008

Our summer so far.

I have not downloaded photos in a while, and realized there are several pictures I wanted to share with everyone.... so enjoy and have a great summer!!
On memorial day, our young couples church group got together at a friends river lot and spent the day hanging out, swimming, eating, and welcoming home a military family. This was a water slide at the river lot, William had to of gone down it a hundred times that day. So Happy belated Memorial Day:).
Week before last we had VBS at church, and while I have no pictures of VBS; I do have a pictures of Cade's reaction to going to VBS. :) YEAH.
This is the tower that Daddy and William built yesterday, Father's Day, didn't they do a great job... however somehow I ended up having to clean up the blocks. :)
For Father's Day dinner we met Uncle Rick and Aunt Nanny at Kobe steakhouse.(hibachi grill) It is one of Michael's favorite restaurants. William was completely intrigued by the chef, but I am wondering if it is because he was wearing a Spider Man hat, or that he was making so much noise. Cade did well and never cried .... not even with the big fire. Cade watching the Hibachi chef.
This was taken about a month ago... sorry again for the delay. We were joining friends at a Hooks baseball game. William and Cade really enjoyed themselves.... and so did we. Aren't they too cute!
This is one of the Hooks mascots... Sammy the Seagull. William was so excited to see him, Cade wasn't too sure.
They have a playground behind the outfield of the park. Here are the boys enjoying the slide. William is such a good big brother!
Well that's about it so far! I'll try to keep up better for the rest of the summer. Have a great one.

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