Thursday, November 10, 2011

Cade = Cheetah One

I don't think I have ever shared how much the brothers like to play dress up! We have an entire bucket of pirate hats, super hero capes, fake muscles, animal ears & tails, ties, caps... the list goes on and on.

But there is one costume that will always outweight them all... you see, Cade also has a huge interest in Big Cats! Especially cheetahs! Which explains the picture.   I had to capture these pictures to share the wonder and amazment that my sweet boy has for God's creation.  He spends his days, drawing pictures of animals, reading books about animals, and quizzing me on information about animals, I'm learning more and more every day! :)

A little bit about Cheetah One, aka, Cade.   Cheetah One has a Supersuit complete with cape, mask, and ears.  Cheetah One's super powers include, super speed (of course), bravery, kindness, and firecly sharp claws! He also has some(imaginary) friends that come togther to complete his superhero "squad".. Their names are Turtle One, Hippo One, Saber Tooth Tiger One (seen below), and Snake One, each complete with their own set of unique powers.  I love to listen to his stories and imagination run wild, litteraly!

 Cade got his little brother to join him and be a Saber Tooth Tiger One... Isn't this the most ferocious lil thang you have ever seen! :)

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