Saturday, November 5, 2011

Product Review: THE ACTION BIBLE

Ok,  so let me start by saying this isn't actually an item our family currently owns.  It is however a product that we are hoping for under the tree this year. :)  But I do want to let you know,  this book has come highly recommended to us.  My sis-in-law, as well as a few friends all with boys ages 5-12.

 The Action Bible isover 200 stories from the Holy Bible put in Graphic Novel format (Comic Book Style).  If you have a super hero junky or comic book whizz in your home... I have three...

Or You want to make the events from the Bible come to life  for your son?  I would highly recommend The Action Bible.

Here are some of the highlights that I have found in this book...

  • Over 200 action packed Bible Stories in Chronological Order
  • Illustrations drawn by Marvel, DC,  artist Sergio Cariello
  •  * Note: William wants to be a Cartoonist and I love the fact that the profession and God's Word colide in this book, as well as the Artists Personal Testimony!
  • I really enjoy that the people and events that my boys learn about everyday in our Bible reading, now come to life in a familiar and in a relatable form to them... let's face it most of our children don't even know what flannel graph is. **giggle**

I do love the disscussions and questions that opening the Bible can bring into our family life. The Action Bible is no exception.  I know as our boys begin to read through The Action Bible, curiosity and wonder of God's plan will begin to errupt. For some great discussion questions, please visit Focus on the Family.

The Action Bible runs between $14.99-$25.99 depending on retail establishments So SHOP Around!!

I do hope this review was helpful for you!  I would love to hear about any products you are considering purchasing for the upcoming holidays, and will help out in any way possible!

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