Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Halloween Fun!

I hope everyone had a safe and fun Halloween Night.  Our neighborhood was crawling with cutie pies and spooky creatures last week.  It was fun to get out meet a few more neighbors, run into some sweet friends, and watch the excitement in each of our kids as they went from house to house visiting and hoping for some sweet treats. 

 We have a fun tradition on Halloween.  After the bags are full and we have had our fair share of trick or treating, we head home to dump out all the fun goodies.  After Michael and I look over everything, we let the kids loose.  They have 15-20 minutes to indulge in any treats they want.  I know most of you are thinking, "Seriously! you let your kids eat pure sugar for 20 minutes!"  but hear me out!   I will say for the 3 years we have done this the most candy eaten has been 5 packages.. Honestly, that's not even a full sized candy bar.  Last year, William chose A Piece of Gum... yes for 20 minutes and out of all that sugar, he chose one piece of gum... Anyways, afterwards, the boys choose their 5 favorite pieces of candy to eat later, and the rest of it gets sent to work with Michael. He sets it on the counter for customers and co-workers. He usually brings the basket home a week later empty.  That's right no more candy to loom over, and non thrown out... it is a win-win situation!  What do you do with all that candy?

Here are our sweet boys ready for Trick or Treating!

 The ZooKeeper

 Anakin Skywalker!  (Great job on the costume mom!!)


 Ready, Set, EAT!!!

Hope you all had a Happy Halloween!! What did you do?

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