Monday, August 22, 2011

Menu Plan Monday!

So I'm officaily starting up Menu Plan Monday again.  I love emealz, and it will definatley be something that I will visit again, but for now I'm ready to start my creative cooking again and get back to spending time in the kitchen!  So here it is... My weekly menu.

Spagetti,Meatballs,  & Salad

Tuesday: Dinner Guests
Grilled Chicken, Couscous, Grilled Veggies on a stick(zuchini, onion, tomatoes, mushrooms)

Wednesday: Freezer Clean out. (mean a variety will be served. hehe)
Baked Talapia, Fish sticks, & steamed veggies,


Friday: Family Movie Night
Pizza, Popcorn, Sliced Apples

Pancakes, Sausage, Fruit Salad, Scrambled Eggs.

Free day!  Yep Hubby is taking me out or we are having leftovers... Hey I said I wanted to be creative not a work horse. :) hehe. 

Enjoy your week. I know I will!

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