Monday, September 20, 2010

Menu Plan Monday.

Do you even know how excited I am?  Do you know what this week is?  Well as of Wednesday, it will officially be FALL!!!!! I love Autumn... and lucky for me, here in South Texas we pretty much skip over winter for an extra long autumn season, and also we have been so blessed with a nice bout of rain this week, and the tempurature is actually nice and cooling down! So it actually feels like fall outside this week. :) Well, we are a little ahead on our lessons, so we are taking a day off from formal school on Wednesday to make a few decorations, decorate the house, and do some special baking/cooking projects. I love homeschooling!
 So of course to follow the new season, we have a great yummy savory menu this week. Enjoy, Hope it spurs on some ideas for you.

Honey glazed Grilled Chicken, Baked Sweet Potatoes, Snow Peas
Rachel's Shredded Crockpot Chicken tacos, beans
Wednesday: First day of FALL!! Awanas
Breakfast: Pumpkin Muffins
Lunch: Leaf Shaped, Grilled turkey and cheese, apples with carmel sauce, chips
Dinner: Butternut Squash Bisque, whole grain crackers
Loaded Chicken Nachos (leftover shredded chicken), guacamole
Friday: Family Movie Night
Little Ceasars Pizza, Popcorn, Green Smoothies
Saturday: Another fun day of cooking
Breakfast:Monkey Bread, scrambled eggs
Lunch: Chili, cheese, Crackers
Dinner: Chicken, Brocolli, & Rice Casserole, with Fresh Baked Bread* and butter
Lunch:  Texas Enchiladas, (with leftover chili) Chips, and Guacamole
Dinner: Small Group

*Notice I said Fresh baked and not Homemade Lets not get too crazy here... I'll buy the frozen dough and let it rise :)

Sorry there is not a plan for every meal, they all run together and I seem to very rarely follow what I plan for breakfast and lunch, so I only put special or specific meals that I have planned for the week. Breakfast will for that likely consist of yoguart, cereal, or toast... and lunch will be sandwiches and leftovers. Easy enough, huh?  Hope you all have a wonderful day of meal plannin and cooking this wonderful week of fall! :)


  1. you're so cute! we're having crock pot chicken tacos tonight too!!! our recipe is a little different but yours looks delish!!

  2. What did you think of the crockpot tacos????

  3. Rachel, THEY ARE SO GOOD!!! Thank you so much for sharing that recipe! It is going to become a staple for sure!! My whole family loved them and they are just too easy for words! XOXO back... Missing you now that we don't have our weekly Tuesday morning meetings!