Monday, February 18, 2008

Talent Show Beauties

Sorry the picture quality is so bad, but I had to post this... I'm sure I will pay for sharing. Feb. 8th was our Youth Dinner and Talent show, to help the kids raise money for mission trips this summer. Michael and a couple of his buddies were good sports to humor their wives and go along with our plan. They put on a beauty pagaent, complete with evening wear, talent, Q&A, and of couse lounge wear. They were such good sports about the wardrobe changes, and flaunting there stuff infront of the whole church. You can be the judge, who is the biggest beauty.

PS. In case you arn't sure, Michael is the red headed beauty. Isn't he a vision in purple. By the way... 6'7" men/women do not need heals. They made him so tall!!!


  1. It takes a real man to do that! Seriously though, that is awesome that they went along with your plan for a great cause.

  2. Who knoew my brother was such a HOTTY! Actually, I guess I'm glad I never knew that. Way to go Bubba!!!

  3. I am quite disturbed by the positive comments. I thought my daughter had married a real man and now I find out he is a drag queen. How about a date cutie?
    Love Roger and Regena

    Who won?