Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Cute pics.

Well here are a few pictures of the boys over the last month. William recieved moon sand for Christmas, here he is playing on our picnic table. The turtle and truck kept making traks in it... sound effects and all. Cade has been introduced to ketchup...and LOVES IT! Here he is dipping his pears in it(yummy).

Last night,William found the baby we gave him when we brought Cade home from the hospital. He immediatley scooped it up and said, "Mommy my baby!" the he proceded to get his blanket and wrap him up and rock him to sleep. It was so cute., and gave me hope for the future:). What a good little daddy.
William loves his peddal toys, and has mastered them all. Today we had a parade, William on his tricycle, and Cade being pulled in the wagon by yours truely. They both thought it was so much fun. We made it about 4 blocks before William started getting tired. Here he is in his fire engine.

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