Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Work (Together) Wednesdays

This weeks Work (Together) Wednesday project will hopefully be accomplished without complaining or arguing!! Our focus last week was transforming our lives by the renewing of our minds. So we will be transforming the crazy messy garage into a nice neat one... or at least more nice and neat. And Father's Day Bonus - A project that will help out Dad.  Our Garage is crazy messy and I know Daddy will be very pleased to come home to a nice clean garage.  Of course, I will be pitching in to help and guide the project (the kids are way to young to let them do it all themselves).  But they will get plenty of age appropriate jobs. 

I'm almost embarrassed to say, that yes this is our garage neat... we obviously need to have a garage sale! However, everyone was a huge help, and actually had fun and laughs in the process! I love it when hearts are right and everything comes together!

Look at those red faces! They were so hot, but never missed a beat!

What projects are waiting to be finished aroung your home? What projects can your kids work together to bless someone else?  Up next... helping weed the flower beds!

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