Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Busy Summer Days

Well, we are now 5 weeks into summer and all my blogging dreams and goals have gone out the window.   I promise I have been doing Memory Verse Monday, and Work (Together) Wednesdays, and even Fun Mom Fridays!  The problem is, I have been so focused on making the most of my time with the kids, that my sweet Cup of Daisies has been neglected.  However, I do not apologize for this... these are sweet memories that I want to experience them fully and I'll catch up with the writing part later.  I have so many notes, pictures and thoughts running through my head, but after all the other running I have been doing I don't have any energy left to get to the computer. How do some of you mom's do it?  I need a clone writer! :)

See you tomorrow! Happy Summer!

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