Thursday, May 10, 2012

Boys vs. Dog (The Stink Challenge)

As you know, I have a house with ALL boys!  My Husband, three sons... and then, there is me... the lone girl; well except for the dog.  So, we all know that as boys get older they smell more, deodorant is a must. They think body hair is awesome, tooting is funny, and joking about bodily functions is part of their everyday life... or at least that's what I've been told and somewhat prepared myself for. Will's favorite line to say to me used to be, "Mom, I can't wait for this to be a stinky boy house." To which I would grimace my face and say "Oh, no! Gross"; and make him giggle.
 But I have to say, the stinkiest member of our family isn't a boy... and it's NOT me! It's this silly dog of ours. Doesn't she know how unlady like she is... talk about silent but deadly, Literally had to leave the room while writing this article because of her fatal stink bomb!!!

Yes... I did just said, fatal stink bomb;I learned it from my boys.  Do you have a stinky boy house? Or maybe just a stinky dog?


  1. Luckily my stinky girl (dog) doesn't bless me with very many stink bombs but she does get so stinky and her smell can take over the house. Luckily it is mostly taken care of through a bath. As long as she gets a bath about once a week things stay pretty good. After a week, she starts spending more and more time outside until momma can give her a bath :)

  2. Oh, yes...I have had my share of this, Audra! I have four boys, now out of the nest (I'm a survivor)...but when they're here, everything's the same! Great to meet you (over at MOB)!

    1. Thanks for the heads up,Laura. It was great to meet you too!