Thursday, June 2, 2011

Musings from a Mother of Boys: The one about the Frog.

Oh, to have boys...

I know many of you are in the same boat with me, as a mother of only boys, and boys close in age at that you probably hear comments like this all the time,

With a sad tone "You poor thing. Only Boys?"... "Girls, are so much fun... but boys?"..."Don't you wish one of them were a little girl?"

Come on people? Really?!? You do know my sweet, lovely, energetic, feisty, boys are standing right here! Listening to every horrible inflection in your comment! But, I'm not writing this post to tell you all the "stupid" things that people say, but instead to tell you what an awesome privilege I have to be a mother of only boys, and the fun we have as a "warrior" family. A family of wrestling and rescuing; of laughing and loving; and of competition and compassion.

Today, I want to share one snipet of what it is like to be a Mother of Boys.
 About a month ago, the boys began to find small frogs, about the size of pecans, in our dogs outdoor water dish.  They had obviously gotten stuck in there and were near dead each time. But to no avail my warriors, especially Cade; were all about rescuing the frogs. I mean they were as far as the brothers were concerned "still moving", a little anyways.
First a proper home must be made.  An old leggs pantyhose egg, left out from Easter decor, did the trick.  It was clear on one side  for proper frog viewing, had a small hole for air, always important, and fit nicely into a four year olds hands. After a bit of grass for a bed and a small black beetle, for food or company I'm not sure which, were placed inside the frog was scooted in and the egg was closed. 
The frog was then a member of our family for the next couple of days.  It traveled to the grocery store, our daily walking at the park, the dinner table. You name it the frog, cozy in his egg, was there.
 Let me remind you... this frog was on his death bed when we found him, and more than likely dead 5 minutes after being placed in the egg, but never the less when you shake something enough, no matter how dead it is... it will move or at least slide around. So, Cade was convinced it was still alive. After about 5 days the frog and his egg were forgotten about, and I hadn't thought much about it until....

About a week ago, I sent the boys to clean up their room. In the midst of the noise and disaster, Cade(4years) brought me a treasure he had found in the toys.

I'm not going to grace you all with a picture of this life event, and I know some of you will be grossed out, some will be absolutely disgusted, but for those of you who know our family... well you are probably going to laugh at the complete understand that this is a fairly common event in my home! Cade found the frog! The Legg's Egg had busted open releasing the stiff, dried, skin covered skeleton of a frog from his withered grassy bed.  Cade broght it to me, with a huge smile on his face and said, "Look mom, it's my frog!"  To which with one look said, "Awesome babe, take it to your Daddy!"  I found it laying on my computer the next morning... thanks honey! But that's how we roll in a family full of boys and I love every minute of it.

I would like to wrap this post up by dedicating it to all the frogs, carpet snakes, tadpoles, stink bugs, and anything else that crawls, hops, squirms, or wiggles...past, present, and future. Thank you for the memories! The joy you bring into our lives is clear by the smile that crosses their sweet faces even when you are just a memory.


  1. ewww, but i love it!!!! God was an absolute genius in the way he made boys!!! i'm SO thankful that i get to experience all the "wrestling and rescuing; of laughing and loving; and of competition and compassion" too. it's an honor really. how could anyone think you would trade!?! thank you for that :)

  2. We haven't had any of those issues (yet), but a friend of mine washed and dried a frog her son left in his shorts pocket. Hope you never have to experience that one! :) And for all the people out there who comment on you wanting/needing a girl, I say, "No way!". Boys rock!!!

  3. Wait until they find a big old bullfrog and throw him up in the ceiling fan while it is running and just keep laughing.