Monday, June 8, 2009

Summer Favorites

So Stacy Neal posted on her blog about fun things to do in the summer. I loved her list and decided I would try to make one too.

Here are our favorite things to do this summer!!

We are fortunate to have a minor league baseball team here. The Corpus Christi Hooks. We don't go nearly enough, but it is so fun when we do get a chance to go.
The brothers geared up for a game last year.

We really like waterguns. I fill up a bucket in the back yard so they can dunk their guns and fill them up and I don't have to refill every 5 seconds. (it's a great activity while I'm trying to clean floors. :)

One more thing that is a fav of my boys is bug hunting. They each have a plastic jar and are able to catch any bugs they want... we usually get a ton of rollie-pollies, and june bugs.

Bike riding! We do this all year, but it is a fun summer thing to do!! Especially if there are puddles involved.

There is nothing better than digging with a kitchen spoon. I have some old spoons that I got at the flea market and they are hidden treasures to pull out when it is dirt playing time.

Does anyone remember this photo?

Thats right we also love the mud. I mean really who doesn't?

Our #1 favorite thing to do in the summer is................. POOL TIME!!!

We love the pool, enough we bought a membership and go at any chance we get.

Hope you all have a wonderful Summer filled with Fun and Sun!!!

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  1. loved your list!!!'re such a good mom! ;)