Saturday, February 28, 2009

Why did we let life get so busy?

How many of you can remember the Sundays that were completely focused on God and Family? I remember growing up(which wasn't that long ago) coming home and having large lunches of homemade fried chicken, or roast, with friends and family all around. The day was spent as kids playing inside and outside , as men in the barn visiting or watching a movie together, and as women putting together puzzles in the "work room" (grandma's quilting room) and catching up on the weeks happenings. We would stay together all day, many times through dinner. The day was completely relaxed and devoted to family!
Now our days are all so busy, when does family time come? Work and evening activities make the week crazy busy. Many times Saturdays are filled with work as well. We haven't hit this stage yet, but I know many of you are running back and forth doing this soccer game or that baseball game. And Sundays are really crazy... Church, then to lunch, out of course b/c that is at least one time you get to sit down for the day. And the rest of the day is spent having meetings, small group, church activities, etc. Now please don't misunderstand; all of these things are important, but why did we let our lives get so busy that so many times just spending time with God and family take a backseat to our schedule. We have just let our lives get so busy with other things, that we don't take the time to get to know friends anymore. We are so disconected from each other that we have to schedule in all this stuff to compensate for all the things we have gotten too busy for in the first place. Yet society keeps demanding more!
People ask me all the time if the boys are in school, and when I answer no they always ask me why they will start. My answer is always... mmm probably when they are 5. Why would I send them off to preschool, I stay at home with them for a reason and don't feel like we get enough time together as is! Do any of you feel this way?
We make special measures in our immediate family to not neglect our family. All meals (lunch and dinner) are spent around the table together, with NO Tv With the exception of Pizza, Movie Night where we all sit on the living room floor and watch a movie (kids choice). The Saturdays that Michael is off, we try to do special things with the kids, but what is going to happen when they have games all day long? (rhetorical question) . Bedtime is also a special time, we all go to the brothers bedroom and talk about the great things and blessings that happened that day, read a story, and pray as a family. I know as our boys get older, life and activities are only going to get more busy! OK! Sorry I'm off my soap box.
I just hope that our boys will cherish these times when they get older and implement family time with their own families. I also pray that even through busy lives that God will guide us to raise our boys to ultimately see Him and live lives as godly Men!

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  1. you are sooooo good to crave that family time and time with God. i pray that you are given this blessing and that your boys DO cherish it.
    love you!!