Saturday, February 21, 2009

Out with the OLD, In with the NEW and the shoes

I have several things I have been trying to make habits in my life... kind of New Years Resolutions, I guess you could say.
1. (and the one I struggle with the most) Bible Study. I have never been good at daily Bible study, and about 4 months ago, I found myself getting so discouraged with so many things. I was loosing my temper more with my children, getting frustrated with my husband, becoming stagnant with my housework, and completely disengaged with friends, and my spiritual life was pretty much church on Sundays and even that had become a chore. I decided I had to do something about it, and unfortunately my Bible wasn't the first place I looked. I read parenting book and marriage books, I tried to use my time better and force myself to be happy while doing house work; but of course nothing was helping. One night I started praying and I was led to the Bible; ever since I have been trying to read everyday. Sometimes it happens and sadly sometimes it doesn't. My goal is to wake up before my children, read THE WORD, and get the day off to the right foot. I have been doing this for several months now and I have to say! It completely makes a difference in my day!!!!!!!!!!! I am more patient with my children and it is constantly in my mind what a blessing they are, even when they are throwing fits or arguing over toys. I also find myself being a better and more consistent disciplinarian because I don't feel overwhelmed from the first step out of bed. I am so happy to see Michael and thankful for all he does for our family, and housework is enjoyable to me again. So Out with the old me... the me that was completely focused on ME; and in the with New the me that sees God more clearly and wakes up excited to see His Wonder.

2. Physical Exercise! I have a friend that walks everyday, and I have been going with her. We are trying to be accountability partners for one another. Anyways over the last several weeks we have had several others walking with us. It makes it so much fun. Here are the kids running together, the exercise it so good for them too!

A couple of the mama's.
Here are a couple of fun numbers from our walking group.
1 Newly Wed
4 Mama's
3 double strollers
12 children that come along
3 the average number of potty stops we have to take along the path
countless: the amount of wisdom and joy that falls upon me from being part of this group

Ok so this one isn't a resolution, but it cracks me up. Today we were forced to go shopping for new shoes. William has literally worn the rubber off his shoes. Below are the ratty ol' shoes he has been wearing, I still think they are so cute!
(the spot in the back of the sole is a hole you can stick two whole fingers through)

These are his new shoes... also known as "My Super Hero Shoes" He has been cracking us up running around the house all night. But the funniest part is that they came with a comic book. You have to watch the video about Dr. Stankfoot and Kewl Breeze This isn't really the reason we bought the shoes, but it is one of the silliest marketing concepts I have seen in a long time.

One last picture to leave you smiling. We went to an automatic car wash last week and this is the face Cade made the entire time. He kept saying "uhhh" and "ohhhh" and "wow" and then making this face, like it was to most amazing thing he has ever seen in the world!!

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