Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Top Dogs

Last night was our fall fest/Halloween carnival at church. It was so much fun and we all dressed up. Here we are, Daddy and Mommy dog and our litter of puppies. I had so much fun making the costumes and they were so easy that the boys got to help. They were so proud! Brennan wasn't crying about his costume, but he Dislikes his car sear so much!!!
This is what he does instantly when buckled!

On our way out to go home, Dr. Denman asked if William would like to help him drive the tractor for the hay ride!!! William loved it. Thanks Dr. Denman!!!

Cade wasn't sure about all the costumes and ended up getting held most of the night! Here is the greatest Daddy in the world with a sleeping baby in one arm(the small white lump with small black spots) and an unsure toddler in the other. (Cade kept taking his ears off)


  1. I ove it! You guys look SO CUTE!!! I can't believe how big Brennan has gotten. I miss you guys tons!

  2. HA! so cute! you did a great job ;)

  3. very cute costumes. you did a great job!