Thursday, October 23, 2008

Sweet Smiles and Sweet Smells

October is my "birthday month" , however I spent my birthday having pizza and cupcakes with 3 little boys. My 4th and biggest boy had to go out of town on business but before he left he surprised me with flowers. I also got a bouquet of roses from a good friend. My house smelled so nice.

This is not the best picture but here is William with his sweet Tawni. Tawni is a college girl that goes to church with us. She babysits here and there and is also in our small group. William and Cade both love her to death, but who can blame them she is beautiful but she also has a heart the size of Texas! We love you Tawni! Arnold and Amanda are also hanging out on the couch, I guess I got the house a little chilly, they are all snuggling up for Bible study.William visited the Dentist for the first time ever!!! He thought it was so much fun and was such a big boy. The tech. showed him all the tools, vacuums, tooth counters, and water shooters. Below is William feeling of the vacuum. Here is William getting his teeth cleaned, He is holding his balloon friend "Harry". Polish those babies. :) William sat through the whole visit and wanted to go back the next day. Now we are brushing our teeth around 3 times a day, but he would brush them about 10 times a day if I would let him.


  1. So glad he had a good time at the dentist's! Hallie likes the dentist, too, only because she only remembers the fun stuff- she was all drugged up for the bad parts! Glad you found a good sitter! We miss you guys! Happy late birthday!

  2. Go William!!! Aaden loves the dentist too.