Friday, April 25, 2008

Getting so BIG.

Just a cute story and a little news.
1. First a little news. We are officially potty training!!! William is proving to be quite a big boy, so far one accident each day, but lots and lots of visits to tee-tee land. Great job buddy!
2. Now for the story. We were at Michael's office on Monday and William was standing patiently by the car while I was buckling Cade in. All of a sudden he said, "Mommy, LOOK!" I turned around and he was pointing at the sign on "Daddy's work" reading it aloud he said, "It says WWW, that is three W's just like you have 3 boys!"
3. More news.... that is right. We are expecting another boy! We will soon have the Caldwell Brother's Three! I'm so excited to have 3 boys, so close in age. It is so much fun right now, I can only imagine how much fun it will be like to have one more to add to the bunch. William seems really excited about it too. He keeps talking about "his brother" and i will say "Are you talking about Cade" and his answer is "No Mommy, I'm talking about my brother that is in your tummy." Cade still has no clue. He Only knows that Mommy's lap is getting smaller and he can't crawl all over anymore. SWEET BOYS!


  1. HOW FUN!!! three boys! i'm tired just thinking about it! :) HA!

  2. That is so exciting!! I think that it is so neat that they will all be super close! You are a pro, for sure, with what's one more, right?! Congrats!

  3. Congratulations! Three boys will be so much fun. They are going to be great friends and brothers.