Monday, April 7, 2008

Family Fun Day

The Pictures are out of order... sorry.

One of the Boats at the Riverwalk.
The NCAA Tourney bracket

On Saturday we decided last minute to hed to San Antonio and take the kids to the Zoo. We had such a wonderful afternoon. Cade is so facinated with animals he was pretty content to ride in the stroller and look around, William proved to be a big boy once again and walked the entire day. Here are a few pictures of the boys at the zoo. Afterwards we went to the Riverwalk for dinner and people watching. For those of you who are not keeping up with the NCAA Tounament, it is in San Antonio... so it was fun to experience the atmosphere and excitement of the city filled with fans.
The Kids at the Zoo.
The Lemur thought the kids were pretty intersting as well. He just walked right up to the glass and stared at us for quite a while.
I think the Ostrich thought Michael was a hottie. I know he is tall Mrs. Ostrich but he is mine, back off. :)
The Rhinos were fighting... Kindof. The bigger one kept chasing the other one.. he was a bully.

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  1. That looks like so much fun!!! I am glad you all had such a fun day together.