Friday, September 28, 2007


Well this is Michael's store. A friend of ours works at a neighboring business that was doing some aerial photos so Amanda cropped this our for us. So here is where they were about 2 weeks ago and I have to say not much farther as of no. They were working on the windows yesterday:) Progress!


  1. I have internet at home again FINALLY!!! and I got to catch up on your precious pictures. So much fun. Glad to see the store taking shape, it was just concete when I last saw it. :)

    Love you!!!

  2. Hey Audra!! We started Bible Study a couple of weeks ago and we sure do miss you! I hope you have found a wonderful group of friends at your new church and are getting settled in. Loretta Barnes asked about you on Tuesday and I sent your blog address to our group...hope that is okay! Anyway, we love and miss you bunches!
    Dee Anne