Saturday, September 15, 2007


Our boys are getting so big. I took this picture because I just could not believe how big Cade was standing up next to his brother. And William is actually sharing on his own free will. Always something to catch on camera. Baby brother tends to mess up his neat lines and sorted piles. I'm not sure where he gets that from.

This is a picture to show how big William is. He decided to put his shoes on by himself on Monday. I thought he did a fantastic job, but he said it was hurting, so I helped him fix his shoes. :) How cute is he!!!

Mommy and Cade hanging out on the back deck. Sweet boys!


  1. love the shot of the shoes!!! molly beth does that all the time! it's one thing w/ regular shoes, but flip flops...OWWW! :)
    love seeing pictures of ya'll. miss you,


  2. THose boys are getting big! They are too cute! Sometimes Jackson insists on wearing his flip-flops on the wrong feet! Kids crack me up!
    Miss you guys,

  3. Hey Audra,
    thanks for the note on the blog. I was thinking of you today in ladies bible class and how last year you were the pregnant one sitting on those horrible couches and now its me. I am feeling good just tire easily. Your boys are so cute. I am glad yall are adjusting well there. God is taking care of you!! Give me any advice on boys anytime. My email is Miss you
    Cindy Pruitt