Saturday, September 22, 2007


This is Abigail. She is the daughter of our preacher... 5 years old, and the love of Williams life (he goes for the older women). J/K. Ok, maybe not the love of his life, but good friend. William loves to play with her, and cries every time she leaves our house, but the best is listening to him talk to her. Every sentence starts with her name, and every syllable is pronounced. So instead of Abigail it is Abby-Gail. "Abby-Gail do you want to swim?" , or "Abby-Gail are you hungry?", or "Abby-Gail look at my truck." It is really just to sweet. And she is so sweet to understand that he is wanting her attention and always give him the attention that he is wanting. They are good friends.
Here they are on Friday playing in the backyard. Cade had fun too, but mostly stuck to the mud or should I say the mud stuck to him.

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  1. precious precious kiddos. i LOVE the picture of the boys dressed the same. i just love that! how fun for ya'll! miss ya'll. we need to catch up soon. (i know it's my fault...we've been so busy. it'll settle down soon, i hope.)