Saturday, April 27, 2013

How to make Flour Tortilla Chips

So, I have to start by stating upfront...This is a How to on making Flour Tortilla Chips,  this is NOT a post on making flour tortillas.  I do not, nor do I plan on making my own flour tortillas!! I live in South Texas for goodness sake. I can get homemade, fresh- we're talking hot off the presses, flour tortillas at every local taquaria and grocery store. 

This is a blog on turning those oh so delicious flour tortillas, into oh so delicious CHIPS! They are soft and fluffy and crispy, and warm, and, oh dear I think I just drooled...   If you have never had a flour tortilla chip this is a MUST MUST MUST !!

So, here's how it works! 

Start by cutting about 12 flour tortillas into quarters.

 I use my ULU Knife for the job, the boys call it my battle ax.  A pizza cutter works well too. 

Cover the bottom of a large skillet with your favorite oil (we use olive or coconut oil), about 1/2 inch deep on Medium-High Heat.  Place a single layer of tortilla quarters in the hot oil.  Cook about 2 minutes, until golden brown.  Using tongs, flip the tortillas over and cook for another minute.   I love the sizzle of oil!!

Remove from oil, to a platter covered in paper towels and allow to drain.  Continue this process until you have reached the amount of chips you would like.  Tip: Make extra!! You will want them! 

It really is simple, just a little time consuming! Serve along side your favorite dip, queso, or guacamole(my favorite) and enjoy!!

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