Friday, April 6, 2012

Our Unique Family

The other day I was browsing around at Finding Joy and come across a post on what makes Rachel's family unique... It got me thinking, hmmm what makes our family unique?  So after some thought and observation and chatting with my hubby and kids. Here it is... the things that we love about our little family, the things that fill up our days, and the things  that bring joy to us all. 

  • Once a week, we all stop to spend time doing something we love... Pizza, Popcorn, and a movie!
  • Almost everything we own has sentimental meaning behind it!  Just ask. I'll share the story! But my favorite item... Drop leaf table.
  • Everything is a competition... we do have a houseful of boys you know!
  • Books are a huge part of our lives.  We all enjoy reading and being read to.
  • Food is a love for each of us, for some of us it's homemade fettuccine Alfredo or perfectly grilled steaks... for others it's chicken nuggets and peanut butter and jelly.

  • Like Cage fighting or WWF? Tickets are on sale now... We don't have to watch it on TV, all we have to do is stick two boys in a room and before long the giggles, wrestling, goofing will begin.
  • We love to laugh. The joy that is shared in our home is contagious and I love to share it with others.
  • Everyone is unique and we try our best to celebrate those differences and passions.
  • Deep conversations about God, beliefs, and faith spring out of thin  air. I love that God is alive here and a natural curiosity is always welling over.

I love the closeness that our family shares. I love that each person has a special place and purpose  and that even through the little tiffs and arguments, that ultimately we know we were woven together as a family by God's unique plan.

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