Monday, March 26, 2012

First EVER Caldwell Family Camping Trip

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! Spring is in full swing down here in South Texas and us Caldwell's have decided to take full advantage of the gorgeous weather.  Santa brought us a tent Christmas morning and we put it to use this weekend with our first ever camping trip.

Choke Canyon State Park, proved to be a perfect choice for our outing. So after school Friday, we loaded up and made the quick trip to our weekend destination.
 Our tent! It was perfect!

 We did a lot of tree climbing,
 Saw an alligator!
 Splashed in the water,

 Did some fishing,
 Played with icky worms,
 More fishing,
 Slept in  tent,
Boys Battled,

 Cooked up deliciousness,
Did a little painting and creating,
 Played baseball,
 Found a huge ant colony,
More relaxing,
More fishing,
 We were silly,
 and Happy,
 It was all quite a balancing act.

This is the only fish caught all weekend... a red rubber fish to practice casting.  Each time Brennan reeled it in (must have been 200 times) He would say, "Mommy, I think I caught something! Look it's a fish!!" He was so proud!

 Of course, we took time for smores!
 Dad got the fire, just right!

 The smores made us really Happy!

 William told us some spooky stories before bed.  The other boys chimed in as well.

Perfect creation + Perfect weather + Family = A Perfect Family Camping Trip!

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