Tuesday, November 17, 2009

William's Broken Arm

William day after surgery
Warning: Pictures below are not for the faint...
Our sweet William has his first broken bone/bones. After church on Sunday the kids were playing at one end of the gym and somehow, William was kicking a ball and slipped and fell. Instantly Michael heard crying and ran over to find a definitely broken arm. We handed kids off and ran out the door to the ER. Xrays (below) showed two completely fractured bones, and they said they would have to put him under to set them, and since he had just eaten, they splinted it and sent us home to prepare for surgery the next morning. The night went really well, and the next morning we headed to Driscoll for surgery. They set the arm and then put a metal rod inside his arm that runs from the back of his elbow, to his wrist. He did great at the hospital and really just wanted to watch cartoons and work on his Star Wars doodle pad (Thank you to the Youngs!!). Today he hasn't complained of any pain and so far hasn't had any pain meds. He just wants to get going again. Thank you to everyone, who has helped us out with Cade and Brennan while we were at the hospital, and also to those of you who brought us dinner the last two nights!! We are so Thankful to also have a church family that I know have been on there knees in prayer on our behalf. We love you dearly.

At the ER on Sunday... poor guy.

The Xray and the arm! Yikes.

Still with a broken arm above, but splinted for the night.


  1. Oh my goodness!!! I hadn't seen a picture of the broken arm, just the x-rays. That just makes me hurt more for him. Precious boy. I'm so glad that he is doing so well!

  2. oh. my. word. bless all y'all's hearts. that is so traumatic...and not just for those of us looking at the pictures! ;) oh, mercy. i hope he recovers quickly and is good as new soon!!!! what a brave little boy!