Monday, September 21, 2009

Catchin' up.

Hello to all our friends and family. Sorry I have been so behind, if you are still even looking at our blog kudos! I have had so many things on my mind to write and can't seem to get them organized enough to make any sense so for now I'm just going to give you our month in review. But please be praying and keep a look out for upcoming posts, on some personal lessons that have touched me and I hope will help make an impact in someone elses life as well.

But for now it is traveling, kids, and family.
August 20th, we left and headed out west... My mom had double knee replacement and we went to be with her through surgery and then to stay and help her through the first couple of weeks. The trip was long and the kids did very little sleeping. I did get this pic, before everyone woke up.

I couldn't believe the bruising my mom had after surgery, but she did great. She is now, 3 weeks post surgery, up walking, driving, going up and down stairs and hardly using her walker at all!!! Great job, mom!!

Michael turned the Big 30 on the 3oth. Happy Birthday sweetheart! He is so silly.

My dad turned the big 60 on the 31st. Happy Birthday Dad!

The boys loved being in the country. They spent 75% of their time outside enjoying the wonderful dry climate and wide open spaces! They spent their days, playing in the dirt...

Catching frogs...

Petting horses... and most important spending time with grandparents.

This is my grandma and grandpa... The boys thought they were wonderful, especially Brennan.

The boys have grown so much, here are a few pics of all the brothers, hanging out in Memaw and Grandad's beautiful yard.

We spent a lot of time with family during out trip. It was so nice to spend time with so many of you...

Memaw and Grandad (my parents) Above

Jason(brother), Ana, Colton, Wesley, and Trey (below)

December, Echo, and Me... Sweet Cousins.

On the way home, the boys and I stoped in Crawford and spent some time with Granny and Papa (Michael's parents) Michael met us there and we had a great time together. It rained pretty much the whole weekend, so Papa let the boys play with the umbrella's in the rain. They had so much fun!

I feel so blessed that I was able to help take care of my mother and serve her in that way. It was also a blessing for me to spend some good time with family we dont see very often. And the boys to see that family as well. But I say all that to also say the boys and I sure missed Michael throught all this time. This was by far the longest we have ever been away from one another, and don't want to do that again any time soon. Well... you are now, for the most part, almost, very close, to being caught up. :)


Mom, I am so proud of you and the persistance you have shown me through the whole process of your surgery and physical therapy. I know you will continue to have your good days and your bad days but, keep up the great work! Love you!

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  1. Loved the pictures. Its been soooo long since I've seen Wesley and Nadine and of course your Mom. Send them love from us.
    Jimmie and Shirley Herington