Saturday, July 4, 2009

Pool Time!! Part 1

The last Tuesday in June we were able to join my brother, Jared, and his family in New Bransfels and spend the day at Schlitterbahn. We were a little scared of how Brennan would do, but it turned out to be a great day!! We spent most of the day at Surfenburg, but did go to Blastenhoff for the torent river and some of the larger slides. Jared and Andrew (2) infront of the pirate ship

Callie and Taylor(6) hangin out and having a snack.

Sweet Andrew He was so tired!

The Pirate ship

Brennan having a blast splashing!

Cade loved the slides

William did too, but really loved the Black Knight and Master Blaster!

Coolin off

William also did Swim Lessons June 14-24
And I would like to annonce that he swam all by himself the width of the lane!!!
Yeah for William, we are so proud of him. This was a big feat from where we started the beginning of Swim season.

William is crawling out of the pool here.

Hangin on like a little monkey!

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