Saturday, July 4, 2009


One day while Brennan was sleeping, and William and I were building train tracks, Cade walked into the bedroom with a spoon and chocolate all over his face. As soon as I saw him I knew what had happened... Lets just say Pantry door opened, and Nesquick chocolate milk powder on the bottom shelf. I'm still not sure how much he ate, but I do know there was chocolate powder tracked all through the house. So what did I do, of course I sent him to the bathroom to wash his hands and face while I cleaned up the mess. A few minutes later, I begin to realize Cade has never returned from the bathroom, so I went to see what he was into next. (He is always into something). And I found... a once full 10 oz spray bottle of Bath Oil EMPTY! Empty on the counter, cabinet, stool, bathroom floor, bedroom floor, and then tracked into the laundry room and eventually down the hall. Can I just tell you all.... this was officially the biggest mess I have ever had to clean up. I'm still not sure what actually broke the grease.. but it was one of 6 different things I tried. Yes, Cade survived through the day and so did I. That stinker... I love him so much.

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  1. HAH! It looks like you were a good enough sport to take a picture :)
    Well, I know it may have been frustrating at the time but makes for a fun story.