Monday, September 29, 2008

All rolled into one

Ok, I only have a short amount of time before Brennan wakes up, so I'm rushing this post and rolling several post into one. Sorry I don't have more time to write, but hey... at least your getting a few pics, right?
Brennan (5 1/2 wks) loves to take naps on this floor pad. Thanks Dad!
His cheeks are growing by the day! :) You know you want to smile! I think they look like they are having the best conversation:)
Yes I do realize it is 90 degrees outside, but while sorting through clothes today, William came across some feet pajamas(his favorite thing to wear) and wanted to put them on so badly! And of course whatever William has, Cade must have also. So here they are in the midst of a mess, happy as larks with their feet pajamas.
So cute!!! William loves his baby brothers!
I took this picture and as I was looking at it I saw the future. Here they are all sitting on the couch together watching Monday Night Football. What a great bonding time! I expect to be taking this same picture in years to come.

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