Tuesday, January 22, 2008

My First Memory Verse

William has just moved up to the next Sunday school class, b/c he turned 3. In this class they get the opportunity to learn and recite a memory verse each week. So the first memory verse he got we taped to the front of the fridge and he learned it.

"The Lord is good to all" Psalms 145. 9

Anyways we got to class on Sunday and he said, "Mrs. Diana, The lord is good to all ... songs 145.9". He was so proud of himself and when we picked him up from class the had the most gigantic lollipop he has ever seen. He was so proud he just carried it and held it all through church. What a big boy. We are so proud of him. So here he is enjoying his prize.


  1. Way to go William! We are so proud of you! Hopefully our little boy will be just as smart & handsome!
    We love y'all, Clay & Melissa