Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Dr. Doodie

Hello all! We visited a new pediatrician today for the boys. After a year of searching, I think I finally found one I really like. She had a wonderful bedside manner with the boys and really listened to concerns that I have. For those of you who are up on the bowel movement problem we have had with William, you will be glad to know a Dr. has finally referred us to a specialist. So hopefully in the next couple of weeks we will know what is truly going on in that little body, and know if everything is functioning well or not. Will and Cade are both growing like champs! William weighs 30.5 Lbs and is 37 inches tall. Cade weighs 22 Lbs and is 30.5 inches tall. The Dr was pleased with both of their development and said she would see us in a year... unless they get sick. I'll probably be seeing her next week :) hehe. Anyways, Loved the Dr.; the boys are healthy; and we are seeing a gastrointerologist in the next few weeks. I'm wondering if he will let us call him Dr. Doodie:) hahahahaha. Well I thought it was funny.

Please pray for us to get some answers to this problem and a good report for any future treatments.


  1. I am so glad to hear your boys are doing well. They are getting SO BIG! I hope you get this doodie business taken care of - BTW, I think you are funny!

  2. i know william's troubles have been so hard on him and ya'll. i pray that you will find out what is going on and that there will be an easy fix. :)
    the kids look great!

  3. I came to catch up with y'all on your blog and boy did I miss lots of GREAT NEWS!!! CONGRATS!! Another beautiful baby! The first 2 are PRESH!!!!!!!!! I wish y'all were still here, but I"m glad things are going well. I pray the appointment for William brings answers. If we've learned anything we've learned that Doctors are just PEOPLE...trust YOUR gut and make sure you feel good about waht they say, if not..find someone else! (sounds liek oyu did that already with the pedi). Loved catching up with y'all.