Friday, August 17, 2007

Swim Lessons

As many of you know William is a very careful and cautious child. Having said that, he has done fantastic in swim lessons the last couple of weeks. We have been so proud at the risks he has taken.

Things William has learned at swim lessons:

1. Froggy Hop... it's easier to hop in the water than it is to walk or run. Especially when it gets deep.

2. Monkey Crawl... this is walking along the wall with you hands.

3. Blow bubbles

4. Scoop ice cream...hand and arm movements.

Things Mommy has learned at swim lessons:

1. Small splash means jump in but don't let my head go under the water. Big Splash is when you jump in and go underwater. William didn't like Big Splashes, but he got a few anyways.

2. Always give sinking toys, before floating toys. Otherwise, you will never get William to go for the toys he can not reach easily.

3. If you sign up for the last swim lessons of the season, you get private lessons... due to know one else signing up. But it was worth it! Almost better that way.

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