Monday, July 9, 2007

Bad Habits.

Many of you do not get to see my children very often, so I thought I would get a shot of them in there most relaxed state, sucking their fingers. William always has his blanket when sucking his thumb, however Cade will just suck his fingers because he is bored, hungry, sad, just about all the time. We are wondering if it is a sign of college choice.

Hook'em Horns ?

Gig'em Aggies?


  1. I can't say much about Hook 'em Horns, but I love the Gig 'em Aggies idea!!!

    Your lovely Aggie friend,

  2. I thought I was commenting on this post, but it went somewhere else - I guess it is good I don't teach computer anymore :)

  3. Gosh...time has flown by! William is so grown up! I scrolled down and saw Owen and Brayden, too! They are all precious. Hope things are going well.
    -Leah Mercer