Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Brotherly Love

This is one of the only times William has held Cade, and we finally have evidence that he does love his brother. William has really started showing quite a bit of concern for his baby brother. He is constantly saying, "What's wrong Cade?" or "It's ok Cade." and even sometimes "Here Cade." (while handing him a toy). It's a good thing they were wearing matching outfits, to make the picture that much cuter.


  1. I was looking at Jill corbitt's blog and saw yours on it. I was so excited to see your sweet pictures and read about your life. I love this blog thing. I am glad things are going well for you down there. We miss you here. Cade is growing fast. It is a lot of work-isnt it? We are actually expecting a 3rd Pruitt child in December so pray for my sanity!! Hoping for that boy!! Well just wanted to send a quick note and tell you how much i enjoyed your blog. Love, Cindy Pruitt

  2. Hey CaldwellClan.. Mom gave me the skinny on life in Corpus. I can't believe you're not in Longview anymore. We miss yall. Your kids look so big. Love being able to catch up with yall. -Rus (extendedclan)