Friday, November 9, 2012

Quiet Snuggles

Mornings are crazy around here. Three boys to get up and ready for the day. Coming hair, breakfast time, don't for get the teeth and checking lunches and backpacks; the rush out the door and the traffic filled drive home.
 But then... there is the moment.
The moment when my third little boy, the one who yells everything he says as if you are across a large field from each other even though we are standing in the same room. The third boy who has two speeds fast and faster!  The third boy who has his hands in everything good and bad.
But in the moment ... after we walk in the door, he comes to me grabs my hand and pulls me to the couch to watch cartoons with him.  As the toddler tunes start up each day, he snuggles a little closer and closer. I know he is still and quiet because of the dancing colors on TV, but he wants me there with him!  Those are the quiet snuggles that I look forward to each morning. 

Writing prompt “Quiet” from Lisa-Jo for Five Minute Friday
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  1. I MISS quiet snuggles. Treasure every moment of them!!! love ya

  2. I still get my quiet snuggles it! Even better is when Austin reaches up and starts twirling my hair like he did when he was really little (his security blanket). Thanks for reminding me of the little things! Truly needed!