Thursday, April 7, 2011

Texas State Aquarium

In January, My parents gave us a family pass to the Texas State Aquarium, as a birthday present to our family.  (Thank you, Mom & Dad!!!).  So last month we headed out to make good use of it! We were so fortunate to have a couple of friends meet us there!

I love to watch my children explore some of God's creation up close and personal! Cade's favorite was otters... of which I have no pictures of.  William and Brennan both loved the dolphins. 

Kelly & Ella thank you so much for joining us!! We had a great time!!


  1. fun, fun! hey, have you decided if you are going to homeschool next year? if so, have you thought about curriculum? i have a friend really interested in abeka and was curious if you were going to use it again. :)

  2. Hey! The Aquarium is so much fun! We are not sure about next year, but if we do homeschool we will definatley be using a beka! I love that the curriculum is layed out so well, and also that the work is fun. I will say I think William is starting to get bored of doing the same old stuff... but part of that is my fault. I need to switch things up a little, and make it fun like it was earlier in the year. I will say William is a reading fool... He loves it, and can phonetically sound out really hard words!! and I accredit that to a beka. Let me know if she has any questions I can answer for her, feel free to share my email address.