Monday, February 28, 2011

Lisa Bevere and Lisa Young @ GLO Conference 2011

GLO conference 2011!!  That's right 2000 women from all over the area, under one roof, raising our hearts to God and growing closer together as sisters. 

I am so blessed to be surrounded by a group of strong Christian women.  Women who are willing to walk along side me, and help me to carry the burdens of life. Women of all ages, and all backgrounds who share their wisdom, lives, and most of all their hearts. Always helping me to grow, and learn; and to better myself with Christ's unfailing love!

And this year at GLO, two Amazing women of God; Lisa Bevere and Lisa Young, will share their hearts, with each of us!

To check dates, read speaker bios, watch GLO video's, and register visit

Do you have your calendar's marked yet?  Will you be there? Tickets are on sale now!! 

See you at the GLO conference!!

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