Tuesday, January 26, 2010

New Years Fun!

It never surprises me what I get up the nerve to do when Jeanifer and I get together. I have always had blonde or light brown hair... but of course you all know that. Anyways, with this new year came a new look... Here is my new color...

We spent New Years Weekend at my brothers house in Austin. We played games, watched football, and opened christmas presents. Fun Times.
Here are all 8 of the Grandsons. That's right NO GIRLS!!
Dont't they look like trouble?!?

My dear Brother Jared's Birthday was on the 2nd. Callie had a surprise party for him that night and this is what we all got to see.
This is our "Mullet Maestro" .
For those of you who don't know...
Jared is a band director and actually has NO HAIR. That's right it's clean as a whistle(by choice). :)

Love you Brother! Hope you had a great Birthday!!

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