Thursday, December 17, 2009

Cade is growing up!!

Well our sweet Cade in growing up. Tonight, during story time, William decided we should be a kitty cat family. This is nothing out of the ordinary, every night the boys pick a different creature, dogs, cats, dinosaurs, tigers; you get the picture, and we are that family until the next night. Tonight, however, was a little different. Cade looked at me, pushed his blanket away and said, "kitty cats don't need blankets." To which I promptly agreed. We said prayers, hugs and kisses, and the lights went off. Right before leaving the room, I reminded him that when William put his blanket in the special box in the garage, he got a prize; and if Cade left his blanket in the special box in the garage he would get a prize too. Michael and I waited for the door to open and well, it never did... and ; Well I guess we are going to Wally world tomorrow to pick out a special prize, because he NEVER got up asking for it.

I did get the privilege of hearing a conversation after walking out of the bedroom.
William: Cade, I thought you liked your blanket?
Cade: I know, but I'm a big boy now.
William: I know, I know. (so sweet)

I'll let you know what big boy prize he picks. William picked a skate board . Next on the list.... Potty Training

I can't finish this post without leaving a montage of pictures of Cade with his blanket. I mean lets face it, did you really expect anything different?

Cade always sucks his middle two fingers with his blanket. So Sweet, Cade around 7 months.
Our sweet boy, 13months. He used to have about 4 blankets that he would take, but as you go through the pictures you will notice the polka dot one becomes the favorite and eventually the only one used.

His blanket is his best sleeping buddy. Here he is in the car, with blanket in tow.

No matter where we the blanket was not too far behind. Fourth of July, fireworks (2008).

Christmas Parade 2008 with our friends, Addy, Courtney and William. Christmas 2008: He was done taking pics.

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